Sport Shooting Association
  • How to join the SSSA

    General process
    In order to shoot on our range, you must be a member of the SSSA. The range is not open to the general public, only to members that have completed the following requirements. We have yearly and lifetime memberships available. Membership in the SSSA also requires membership in the FOPA.

    Process for membership:

    1. Become a member of the Fraternal Order of Police Associates
      • Annual FOPA membership is $39
      • There is a non-refundable $10 application fee for the FOPA
    2. Pass a background check for FOPA membership
    3. AFTER notification via voice or email you must attend a monthly meeting for swearing-in to the FOPA, ONLY then you may
    4. Become a member of the SSSA : Membership options and pricing
    5. Complete a SSSA range safety class
    6. Get your SSSA Range ID Badge which must be displayed at all times while on the range

    If you wish to proceed with the application process, please download the applications for the FOPA and the SSSA. First complete the application to the FOPA and mail it to the address on the form with the $10 application fee. AFTER approval and swearing-in to the FOPA at a regular monthly meeting, fill out the SSSA application form and send it (with payment) to the address on the form OR bring it with you to the swearing-in meeting with your payment. For a 2-Member Family membership application, both individuals must first join the FOPA with separate applications then fill out the application forms for the SSSA and send in with payment.

    Physical address
    1 Sawgrass Road
    Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

    Mailing addresses
    PO BOX 50431
    Jacksonville Beach, FL
    FOPA,Lodge 17
    P.O. BOX 50709
    Jacksonville Beach, FL