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    Range Rules

    We put an absolute priority on safety at our shooting range. Anyone shooting at the range must have sucessfully completed the SSSA range safety course that covers basic gun handling and range-specific safety rules. The following document is posted at the range and all members are expected to download a copy and make sure they understand and follow all rules. This is for the safey of members, their guests and everyone else at the range. Unsafe behavior will not be tolerated and may be cause for membership termination.

    Download the Range Use Rules


    • You may never shoot alone. The person with you does not have to be a shooter but you may not shoot by yourself.
    • A maximum of two guests per member is allowed. Watch your guests closely.
    • Always get the trauma kit out of the target shed and move it to the range before handling weapons.
    • Always wear eye and ear protection.
    • Members must visibly display their badge at all times when on the range.
    • Individuals may visit as guests a total of two times during any calender year, after that they are expected to become members themselves.
    • Sign yourself and your guests' names in the log book when you arrive and sign out when you leave, noting the type and quantity of rounds fired.
    • Never handle guns in any way behind the firing line.
    • Any live rounds or mis-fires should not be left on the ground or put in the brass bucket. Deposit these rounds in the "ammo bunker" located in the far Southeast corner of the range.
    • Be considerate of other members, keep the range clean.
    • Pick up your brass. There is a brass bucket and a trash bucket at the range, use them.
    • Secure the lock on the chain and spin the numbers on the front gate lock when you come in.
    • A brass pick-up tool and fire extenguisher are located in the target shed.


    Range Safety Video

    SSSA Bylaws

    The document linked below is the founding bylaws for the Sawgrass Sport Shooting Association. This is the original document from 1979. Some updates have recently been submitted for review.

    Download the SSSA Bylaws