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Members Only Email Discussions List

This is a unofficial email list for members of the Sawgrass Sport Shooting Association. The intent of this discussion list is for members to be able to communicate with other members, discuss issues about the range, kick around ideas for improvements or enhancements to the shooting range and to help members locate a shooting partner. There will not be any official announcements sent out on this list. All official email will continue in the usual fashion.

The list is operated on a service called You do not need to create a new account or sign up for anything. Joining the list is simple and straightforward. To join the list just enter your email in the form below. Be sure to use the same email address to subscribe that you receive your official SSSA emails. Your request to join the list will be verified against the list of active SSSA members using your email address before you can post to the list. This may take a day or so, your first post will not go through until approval. After that your posts will be sent immediately.

Once you have been approved you can send a email to the other members of the group by emailing

To unsubscribe from the list you can send an email to

If you need help using the list you can send an email to and you will receive an automated reply with some additional instructions.